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Cleaning up problems with NMAP on Mac OS X

With the latest version, 5.61, I did the following to get the GUI interface running again:

1) Unhide your otherwise hidden files. If you don’t know how to do this, use the Terminal.

2) Under /usr/local/bin/ delete ncat, ndiff, nmap, and nping (Shell: sudo su root, rm ncat, etc..)

3) Under /usr/local/share/ delete the ncat and nmap directories. (Shell: rm -r ncat, rm -r nmap)

4) Under /Applications delete the Zenmap application icon.

5) Empty your trash.

6) Open the latest download of NMAP (i.e. the dmg file) and run the executable.

If you’ve cleaned up properly, you can now click on the Zenmap icon and run NMAP just fine.

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Screenshot tool for Backtrack 5

Here is the Quick way to get Screenshot tool in Backtrack 5.

For Backtrack 5, GNOME version has default disabled screenshot tool.So we need to install gnome utils to get that tool enabled.
Copy and paste the below command into a terminal:
apt-get install gnome-utils
Now you can see the screenshot tool available under accessories > screenshot
For KDE version:
Copy and paste the below command into a terminal
apt-get install ksnapshot

How to install gogoc on mac osx

Running gogo6 Client on Mac OS X

1. Install Apple XCode if not installed yet, this comes with Snow Leopard installation DVD. For help see

2. Install MacPorts if not installed yet, get from

3. Open a shell and enter the following commands :

sudo port install vpnc

sudo port load tuntaposx

4. Retrieve the source archive from the Freenet6 download area for gogoCLIENT 1.2 Source Code (Linux/Unix/MacOS/BSD), at , place it in a temporary directory, preferably /tmp because directory with spaces will fail

5. Go to the temporary directory in step 4 and decompress the file using this command :

tar -xvf gogoc-1_2-RELEASE.tar.gz

6. After decompressing go to the gogoc-tsp directory

7. Generate the gogoc executable by entering the following commands:

make all

make installdir=/usr/local/gogoc install

Note that superuser privileges may be needed above

8. To modify the username/password or enable routing advertisments modify the gogoc.conf file in the /usr/local/gogoc/bin directory

9. Change dir to /usr/local/gogoc/bin

10. Enter the following to run :

sudo ./gogoc to execute

11. Check out and which will only work if you have a working IPv6 Public address. Also test the connection at

12. To stop gogoc run this command :

killall gogoc

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Come installare Reaver su Backtrack 5

Reaver è il programma delle meraviglie per craccare le reti con WPS attivo.

Infatti è in grado in poche ore di trovare il PIN WPS del router e la key WPA della connessione.

Backtrack è la distro migliore per effettuare test sulla vulnerabilità della nostra rete.

Per installare Reaver possiamo fare in due modi o in linea o offline avendo l’archivio di reaver già scaricato.

Passo 1.Scaricare Reaver:

digitate dal terminale il seguente indirizzo:


Passo 2.Estrarre Reaver:

Ora digitate da terminale il seguente codice:

tar zxvf reaver-1.4.tar.gz

Passo 3. Installazione:

Ora seguite i seguenti comandi:

cd reaver-1.4/src

Configuriamo i comandi:


Comando Make:



make install

Ora è tutto installato e potete già usarlo.Per visualizzare tutti i comandi basta digitare sul  terminale la stringa: