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Cleaning up problems with NMAP on Mac OS X

With the latest version, 5.61, I did the following to get the GUI interface running again:

1) Unhide your otherwise hidden files. If you don’t know how to do this, use the Terminal.

2) Under /usr/local/bin/ delete ncat, ndiff, nmap, and nping (Shell: sudo su root, rm ncat, etc..)

3) Under /usr/local/share/ delete the ncat and nmap directories. (Shell: rm -r ncat, rm -r nmap)

4) Under /Applications delete the Zenmap application icon.

5) Empty your trash.

6) Open the latest download of NMAP (i.e. the dmg file) and run the executable.

If you’ve cleaned up properly, you can now click on the Zenmap icon and run NMAP just fine.

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