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How to install gogoc on mac osx

Running gogo6 Client on Mac OS X

1. Install Apple XCode if not installed yet, this comes with Snow Leopard installation DVD. For help see

2. Install MacPorts if not installed yet, get from

3. Open a shell and enter the following commands :

sudo port install vpnc

sudo port load tuntaposx

4. Retrieve the source archive from the Freenet6 download area for gogoCLIENT 1.2 Source Code (Linux/Unix/MacOS/BSD), at , place it in a temporary directory, preferably /tmp because directory with spaces will fail

5. Go to the temporary directory in step 4 and decompress the file using this command :

tar -xvf gogoc-1_2-RELEASE.tar.gz

6. After decompressing go to the gogoc-tsp directory

7. Generate the gogoc executable by entering the following commands:

make all

make installdir=/usr/local/gogoc install

Note that superuser privileges may be needed above

8. To modify the username/password or enable routing advertisments modify the gogoc.conf file in the /usr/local/gogoc/bin directory

9. Change dir to /usr/local/gogoc/bin

10. Enter the following to run :

sudo ./gogoc to execute

11. Check out and which will only work if you have a working IPv6 Public address. Also test the connection at

12. To stop gogoc run this command :

killall gogoc

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